Types of Outdoor Lighting Beneficial to Providing Added Security

Safety is on every homeowner’s minds these days. It’s tough to find the right combination of things to beef up the security in your home. Outdoor security lighting should be depended upon to prevent intrusions from happening in the home.

Last year alone there were over 300 home invasions/burglaries in the area. Although this is low for such as country it still happens. Keeping your family safe will entail a few things such as a security system and fencing.

Fences are a great way to keep intruders and other unwanted people off of your property. There are lots of great ideas for fences as they come in metal and wood makes. Both are strong and can be supplied with gated locks for even more security.

If there is one thing that burglars love its dark places to hide. These dark places are great for staking out homes or attacking Manassas area homeowners. If it’s time to get back your home, then here are some outdoor illumination tips for a more secured home:

  • Get a spotlight – A spotlight is very bright as it extends far on properties to even the most remote areas.
  • Motions lights – Motion sensors are great for capturing anything that shouldn’t be on your property.
  • Point lighting to areas that your regular lighting cannot reach – Always point the lights towards areas that normally do not get light such as the sides of the home and backyards.

Protective lighting can easily be added to the outside of the home as the wires are buried underground. This will help to safely carry the appropriate amount of power to the lights. Here are ways to adjust the lights:

  • First inspect the lights – Thieves can easily enable them when you’re not at home surprising you when you get home.
  • Remove any debris that can be hindering lights – Dirt and dust could interfere with the motion process.
  • Aim lights – Aim the lights to wherever you want. Lights aimed at other heat sources will provide faulty readings.
  • Refer to owner’s manual for basic light controls – Some units have sliding switches for up or down motions control.
  • Have a family member walk in front of sensor light – This will show is it is working or not. If you’re checking them without a professional’s advice then make sure that you make any necessary adjustments.

Security lighting may just save your life. Don’t keep those dark areas of your home’s exterior exposed to darkness any more. Call in professional electricians. The ones at Beacon Electrical Services have been in the area since 2002.