Manassas Outlets and Switches

Are you still living in a time of two-prong and builders-grade outlets? Then allow Beacon Electric to provide you with superior outlets and switches that will usher your home into the modern world. Two-prong and builders-grade outlets are now incredibly unreliable and inefficient, leading to future headaches and frustration when it comes unfailing power for all of your home’s appliances. The team of electricians are dedicated to making sure homes across Manassas never run out of power, which is why our outlet and switch installation is always top-notch.

There is incredible danger in keeping those old two-prong and builders-grade outlets installed in your home. Older homes with these outlets and switches are at higher risk of  power outages and home fires. Beacon Electric doesn’t want the well-being of you and your family at risk due to faulty electrical systems, so make a plan to receive an upgrade in your outlets and switches to keep the whole family safe. Here’s how outlet and switch upgrades from Beacon Electric can help you:

Enhanced Power

When you invest in outlet and switch upgrades from Beacon Electric, you’ll notice a huge improvement in home power. We’ll ditch those two-prong outlets in favor of three-prong outlets that guarantee enhanced power for all appliances. With upgrades, you won’t have to worry about power outages during work-related sessions on your computer, an important scene on your favorite television show, or cooking a meal in the microwave. Our outlet and switch upgrades ensure one major thing: no-frills, ever-reliant power.

Lowers Chance of Electric Shock

Electrical Safety Foundation International reports that more than 300,000 in the United States experience non-fatal electric shock per year.  Beacon Electric pride itself on taking part in lowering that rate with outlet and switch upgrades designed to keep you safe from the threat of electric shock. While there are certainly many non-fatal electric shocks each year, it can lead to death depending on the severity, so it’s best to call us up and have outlets upgraded before it’s too late!

Improved Energy Efficiency

Older outlets may need to rely on more power to deliver power to your appliances and may struggled to keep up with the sometimes intense electrical demands of today’s world. This can lead to the costs of your energy bills go so far north that it my be hard to afford electricity at all. Invest in energy conservation today by upgrading those old outlets and switches with Beacon Electric today. Energy conservation is key to a happier, and brighter, home.

Contact Beacon Electric now for outlet and switch upgrades in Manassas that won’t leave you in danger!