Electrical Safety Inspections

Helpful Electrical Safety Inspections

To keep your home or business a lot safer, it’s time that you call Beacon Electrical Services for an electrical safety inspection. Our inspections are done by qualified professionals who know their trade very well. Call for yours today and see how we can modernize your home’s electrical system.

If safety is a concern of yours in your home, then you should have a safety inspection done to your electrical system. This should only be done by licensed professionals who are qualified to do so. You should have this done at least once in the lifespan of your home and possible twice if you have remodeling done.

Checklist for inspection:

  • Cords
  • Outlets
  • Plugs
  • Surge Protectors

Why Pay to Have Inspection Done?

If you’re tight on money and asking yourself why to have the inspection done; think of it like this, what’s worth it the threat of losing your home or paying a small fee to have the inspection done? If you said to hire an electrician for an inspection then you’d be correct.

An inspection will take an in-depth look at all of your electrical from your home’s wiring system to your appliances. We’ll make sure that your electrical system will last you for years to come and be less of a threat to you and your family.

What is the Cost of an Inspection?

As a home inspection is all about checking out the electrical system, it’s also about price. If you’re on a budget like most people are, then you have to stay within the limits of it. We understand that you’re concerned about your electrical as here are some prices for the inspection:

  • Low-end is $199
  • High-end ranges from $400 and up

Extra Costs that May Be Included

Anything that needs changed out can be added onto your bill. It’s hard to say without looking at your electrical system first all that you’re going to need. We’ll let you know in advance instead of replacing it first.

For an electrical safety inspection done right; call Beacon Electrical Services. Our goal is to keep you safe as we have been doing that since 2002. Make an appointment to gets your system looked at today.

What Else is Included in an Electrical Inspection?

Preventing any fire hazards is one of the main goals of our service. We make sure that everything is running efficiently. It doesn’t matter is you have an older home or adding onto the one that you have. Our inspections are there to help.