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With more than 15 years of experience, you can trust our team at Beacon Electrical Services to find a solution for even your most complicated electrical problems. We solve repeatedly blown fuses, lights that won't shine brightly, mysteriously high electrical bills, and more. Don't wait till it's an emergency to troubleshoot your electrical system. Ask our Fairfax electricians to service your home today.

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Solving Common Electrical Problems With Creative Solutions

Here, we solve some of the most common electrical problems. Get answers to these problems and more with our professional technicians!

When the wind blows, the lights flicker.
Chances are we're looking at a simple weather vane problem. Those flickering lights are probably not dangerous, but they can be pretty irritating. Ask your electrical company to check out your weather vane; they should be willing to replace it for free.

I have to use multiple outlet extenders.
Older homes, especially, weren't designed to support the many appliances we have today. If you've got multiple extension cords running to the same outlet, you're probably overloading your system. Installing new outlets is a better option, and you'll probably blow fewer fuses.

My lights dim when the garbage disposal turns on.
When one appliance affects the voltage of another, you likely have a bad connection in the wiring. These are called "brown outs" and, while they're usually not dangerous, they can signal exposed wires and cause damage to your appliances. Sometimes the problem is in the power grid itself and your utility company should be willing to address the problem.

My hair dryer always trips the circuit breaker.
Though it's annoying, the circuit breaker's just doing its job. Figure out what other appliances are on this circuit and make sure they're turned off while you're operating your hair dryer. Try plugging the dryer into a different outlet not on that circuit, or have the system rewired so fewer outlets depend on the same circuit.

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