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Subpanel Installations in Fairfax

Control Circuit Flow with a Simple Electrical Design

Your home's electricity flows through your main fuse box before it's distributed throughout the residence. For the most part, this main electrical panel can efficiently serve your home. Problems only arise when adding on rooms or garages. A subpanel is designed to help spread electricity to these new areas of your home, decreasing the frequency of blown fuses or frequent breaker flips.

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You might need a subpanel for:

  • A new garage separate from the house
  • The attic, especially if you've developed it into a useable crawlspace
  • A new basement, particularly if there are new appliances
  • Any room where you've installed a new, larger appliance (such as a deep freezer)

How Do I Know If I Need A Subpanel?

With any significant home remodel, examine the new demands it will put on your current breaker box. If you only need one or two new connections, it's possible that you might not need to install a whole subpanel. However, if you overload your main electrical panel, you will face numerous frustrating power outages down the line.

First, look at your home's electrical panel. If all the circuits are being used but you need several more breakers, a subpanel can solve this problem. Subpanels are especially helpful if your new appliances are located far away from your main panel, as they can "boost" the energy while it travels the long distance across the wires.

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