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The electrical panel serves as the main hub for electrical flow in and out of your home. The meter is responsible for measuring how much electricity you're using and reporting that number to the utility company for billing purposes. Meters can also help signal when something is wrong with the electrical wiring of your home, as abnormally high readings can indicate an electrical leak.

Our electricians in Fairfax can show you how to troubleshoot your meter and help you understand how to save on long-term electricity costs through appliance use counseling and electrical panel troubleshooting.

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Abnormally High Electrical Bill?

Though electrical leaks are rare, they do occasionally happen when a home's wiring isn't secure. Chances are your high electrical bill is caused by something else. If you haven't recently installed a new high-voltage appliance, we can troubleshoot your electrical meter to make sure it's reading properly.

Meter problems are diagnosed using a few different techniques:

  • We make sure all appliances are turned off in the home, then watch the meter. If it's still spinning even though no appliances are pulling electricity, then we'll investigate further. Are you a part of a duplex, apartment, or other shared dwellings? Someone else's circuits might be wired into your meter.
  • If the meter isn't still spinning, then we move on to check the breakers themselves. With all appliances still off and unplugged, we flip each breaker back on one by one. If the meter starts spinning even though there's nothing plugged in, you may have an electrical leak in that circuit.

Measuring the electrical use of each appliance can help you cut back on electricity costs by limiting your use of that appliance. We have a device that measures amperage, or you can pick one up at your local appliance store.

We want to help you cut your utility costs by making sure your meter's running properly. Ask for a visit from our helpful electricians in Northern VA by calling Beacon Electrical Services at (703) 343-9884 or by filling out our online form.

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