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Most commonly, our customers schedule electrical home inspections when they're ready to buy or sell a home. However, you may need a home inspection for many other reasons. Any time you do a home remodel, especially one involving installing new circuits or subpanels, you will probably need a home inspection to make sure your wiring is up to code.

As your premier Fairfax electrical inspector, our primary concern is your family's protection. Our job is to make sure all wiring is done properly and safely, which helps avoid house fires, panel overloads, and melted fuses.

Schedule your electrical home inspection in Northern VA by calling Beacon Electrical Services at (703) 343-9884.

What is Included in an Electrical Inspection?

To put your mind at ease, we offer up-front pricing for all our home inspections and code corrections. We want you to feel confident in your choice of a dedicated electrician and go to great lengths to show you we're determined to make your home remodel easier by finding and correcting electrical code violations.

During an inspection, we uncover any potential electrical concerns by:

  • Addressing surge protectors for appropriate use. Certain appliances shouldn't use a surge protector and should instead be on their own dedicated circuit.
  • Inspecting both exposed and hidden cords and wires to ensure they aren't corroded and that they are properly placed.
  • Checking each outlet for loose wires and a safe, tight fit.
  • Making sure all circuits are properly labeled for easier management in the future.
  • Verifying that all large appliances are on their own dedicated circuit.

The Benefits of Electrical Safety Inspections

If you think your home’s electrical system needs a checkup, call Beacon Electrical Services now for an inspection that will help you:

  1. Improve Property Value: A home with safe electrical fixtures is more than enough to send your property value to new heights. Besides, have you ever looked twice at a home with less-than-secure? We’re guessing not. Our inspection can ensure your electricity is the safest it can possibly be, making it a positive investment on the market.
  2. Reduce Chances of Electrical Fires and Shocks: Electrical fires and shocks are a real danger. In fact, over 1,000 people still die each year due to electrical shock in the United States. No one should live with the constant threat of fires and shocks, so allow our electricians to inspect your home and guarantee those risks are kept to an all-time low.
  3. Save Money on Repair: With our inspection services, you will be able to save money on repairs. We can stop any problems in their earliest stages before they turn into larger and potentially more dangerous problems.

Fixing Common Code Violations with Ease

Some of the most common electrical code violations include exposed wires, loose connections, and overloaded circuits. We catch these easily! The best way to make sure you pass your home inspection is to address these problems ahead of time with our experienced electricians in Fairfax.

Schedule your home electrical inspection by calling Beacon Electrical Services at (703) 343-9884. Our electricians in Manassas look forward to meeting you and assisting you today!

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