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Fuse Box Upgrades in Fairfax

Protecting Your Home in Manassas, Fairfax & Beyond

Fuse boxes wear down over time, requiring an upgrade every 25 years or so. The fuse box is like the brain of your home; if there's a wiring problem, the electrical flow gets thrown off and can cause your electrical appliances to stop working. Ask our electricians in Northern VA to keep your electricity running smoothly by calling (703) 343-9884.

Beacon Electrical Services provides Fairfax residents with fuse box upgrades that ensure better performance and less of a chance of total system failure. We transform your faulty fuse box into an ever-reliable, super-efficient powerhouse. For your peace of mind, our electricians provide same-day services and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Why Upgrade Your Fuse Box?

Frequent power outages can be infuriating. Faulty fuse boxes are most likely the culprit. Outdated fuse boxes not only put stress on your appliances, they also can be fire hazards if they're required to run appliances with a higher voltage than they're capable of handling.

Benefits of upgrading your fuse box include:

  • Improved electrical performance: With an upgrade, power becomes available for multiple appliances at once without overwhelming your fuse box. A faulty fuse box may cause you to miss out on your favorite television program, become unable to cook a meal in the microwave, and leave you without lights at night.
  • Higher amp capacity: If your fuse box is older, it may not be able to handle as many amps, leading to constant power outages. Our expert electricians will help make sure your fuse box can support as many as appliances as possible. We can even assist in mapping out a plan that considers future additions to your household in regards to increased amp capacity.
  • Reduced repair costs: An old fuse box can create some serious electrical problems in your home that may result in you having to spend more money on repair service. We never want to see our customers spend more money than they should, which is why we equip your home with a fuse box upgrade designed to save you money and keep future repair costs down.

Our fuse box upgrades ensure safer, happier homes that don't lose power and keep appliances running smoothly!

Contact Beacon Electrical Services today for a fuse box upgrade in Manassas or anywhere in Fairfax. Estimates are available at (703) 343-9884.

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