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Is your home suffering from problems with electricity but you can’t figure out the source? If you have electrical repairs that need to be done, please don’t hesitate to call Beacon Electrical Services today. No matter what the problem is, we can fix it for you.

A repair covers anything that’s electrical. Think of everything electrical in the home. You probably have a huge list, as almost everything runs off of electricity. Whenever you need repairs done and you need them done right, you can always count on our electricians in Fairfax for your electrical repairs. We’re not only dependable, we’re professional as well. As fully licensed and highly trained technicians, we can handle all your electrical needs quickly and efficiently.

No more will you have to worry about your electrical devices and appliances needing replacement. Replacing them only means spending unnecessary money that you can save instead. By repairing your electrical issues rather than replacing entire systems or fixtures, we can save you significant money over time.

Ceiling Fan Repairs

Since 2002, our Fairfax VA electricians have been learning new electrical trends and growing with the technology. You can guarantee that a damaged ceiling fan can be repaired very easily using our techs. Ceiling fan repairs are one of our repair focuses.

Lighting Repairs

In areas where moisture problems occur (bathroom, laundry room, kitchen. and basement), you are more likely to have wiring problems. This is very dangerous and can affect your lighting as well. We can do lighting repairs that replace your older wiring and introduce new lighting in your home.

Outlet Repairs

How many outlets are in your home? If your outlets are bad, then there is no benefit to having them or electricity for that matter. Outlet repairs can fix the internal damages that happen to so many outlets in the area. Let us repair yours today!

Two-Pronged Outlets

If you have outlets in your home that still accept only two prongs, then they need to be replaced. Current technology utilizes the three-pronged systems. You won’t have to buy an adapter if you have your outlets converted.

When needing electrical repairs in Fairfax done right, all that you need to do is call Beacon Electrical Services at (703) 343-9884. We want to ensure that your home is safe to live in and free of any electrical problems.

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