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Electrical Circuit Restorations in Fairfax

Frequent Breaker Trips? Our Manassas Electricians Can Replace Your Old Panels!

Electrical circuits usually trip when they're overloaded - meaning you have too many appliances plugged in and running off the same circuit. However, sometimes the circuit problems are due to the age of your whole electrical system. Our Fairfax circuit restoration recommend having your circuits inspected once every 5 to 10 years to make sure the wiring, circuits, and fuses are still working properly.

Leaving your circuit repairs off till later can risk electrical fires and broken appliances. Contact Beacon Electrical Services today to ask an electrician in Northern VA to conduct your circuit restoration.

Steps involved in a circuit breaker restoration include:

  • Taking apart the whole panel of the circuit breaker to inspect all the parts
  • Parts that need it are tested and cleaned
  • Other parts are repainted to protect against corrosion
  • Metal coating elements are connected to the breaker to ensure proper power flow
  • Broken elements are replaced with high-quality, durable parts
  • The final system is put back together and tested to ensure it's been done right

Circuit Restoration in Fairfax after a Natural Disaster

Sometimes, we are asked to restore a circuit board that has been damaged by rain, an earthquake, or another natural disaster. We act quickly to repair the parts we are able to repair, to replace the elements that have become unreliable, and to get the cleaned circuit breaker up and running again.

At Beacon Electrical Services, our goal is to restore full, safe power to your home as quickly as possible so you can return to a sense of normalcy in your daily life. Your home depends on your circuit breakers for the safe use of electricity; make sure your circuit breaker restoration is completed by our trustworthy, experienced electricians.

Prevent electrical fires in your home! Learn more about your options for circuit breaker restorations by contacting Beacon Electrical Services at (703) 343-9884. Our electricians in Manassas can help you with all your electrical needs!

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