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In rare cases does a circuit breaker simply "go bad". Frequently tripping your breaker usually indicates that something is wrong in the basic wiring of the home, not in the breaker itself. The circuit breakers are designed to protect your home against electrical hazards. If they're tripping frequently, they're probably just doing their job.

Let our electricians in Northern VA troubleshoot your fuse box to see why the circuit breakers seem to constantly trip. Based in Manassas, Beacon Electrical Services provides honest, affordable electrical services to homes throughout Fairfax. Estimates are available at (703) 343-9884.

What Causes Circuit Breakers to Trip?

A circuit breaker is designed to cut off the flow of electricity when the wiring gets too hot. If the breaker has tripped, the circuit breaker is trying to protect your home from an electrical fire. Frequently tripping the same breaker usually means you have too many appliances trying to run at the same time on that outlet.

Try moving some appliances around the home, if possible. Don't run them all at the same time. A heater pulls quite a bit of electricity, so asking the circuit to supply energy to both the heater and the hair dryer is going to quickly overload the system and shut down the electrical flow.

Modern fuse boxes are fairly straightforward to operate:

  • When you open the box, you'll likely see a circuit that is aimed in the opposite direction of your other circuits
  • This circuit has been flipped to the "Off" position
  • Click the switch back to "On"
  • Power should be restored to your outlets

Flipping the circuit switch back on will only work temporarily if you have a wiring problem or suffer from too few outlets. Have our Fairfax electrical services team review your fuse box to see if your frequent circuit breaker issues signal an underlying wiring problem.

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