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An arc fault is an electrical leak that trips in the circuit panel just like any other breaker. Like other circuit interrupters, the arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) is designed to prevent the generation of dangerous heat and house fires. Many homeowners are frustrated by these AFCI devices or breakers as they have a habit of tripping frequently. If you're having problems with your arc fault devices, be sure to call Beacon Electrical for quality electrical services.

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Signs that you need an AFCI serviced include:

  • Sparks around an outlet
  • Signs of heat damage, especially discoloration or melting, at the plug-in site
  • Your current AFCI is frequently tripped despite recent installation or servicing

According to national law, AFCIs are now required for every residence, including RVs, apartments, condos, and townhomes. Usually, you are not required to have an AFCI installed in laundry rooms, outdoor spaces, or basements that nobody uses.

Stop Frequent Breaker Trips with these Hacks

Arc fault breakers are extremely sensitive by nature as a protective measure for your home. While they serve their purpose, they're also often too sensitive for homeowners. Even a radio can trip the AFCI if it's set to the right frequency.

Help yourself out by turning off your appliances and unplugging unused chargers when you leave a room. Even a cell phone charger can trip your arc fault breaker without even being connected to a cell phone.

Your arc fault breaker might need further attention if unplugging your appliances does not help your breaker stop tripping. Sometimes the wires wear out or become corroded. We can quickly diagnose and repair all arc fault problems and get your electricity flowing smoothly again.

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