Electrical Rewiring in Manassas

At Beacon Electric, we understand electrical rewiring in Manassas is a big deal. But there’s no denying it saves your home from unexpected power outages, circuit breaker trips, and worst of all, electrical fires. There are plenty of homes across Manassas in need of some serious electrical overhaul. The team at Beacon Electric are happy to help with anything ranging from minor adjustments to whole house rewiring.

The number-one goal of our electricians is your safety. We consider electrical rewiring to play a major role in ensuring a safer home for all members of your household with a steady flow for all household appliances. If you’re considering electrical remodeling in Manassas, here’s why you should enlist the services of Beacon Electric:

Ditch Two-Prong Outlets!

Let’s face it: two-prong outlets are a thing of a past, but that’s never stopped homes across Manassas from installing them. The main problem with two-prong outlets is that they can’t keep up with the electrical demands of a modern day home, making them both unreliable and unsafe. Electrical rewiring service from Beacon Electric includes ditching those tow-prong outlets and replacing them with three-prong outlets which are not only efficient, but also makes your home a positive investment.

Eliminate Extensive Cords & Outlets!

Now here’s a dilemma: a home with plenty of appliances relying on an excessive amount of extension cords and outlets. This is a huge fire hazard, with several homes each year suffering from electrical fires due to an overwhelming amount of cords and outlets placing strain on electrical systems. Electrical rewiring from Beacon Electric aims to provide your home with highly efficient switch and outlet installations that will make your home safer and free from the threat.

Stop Power Outages!

There’s no feeling more crushing than losing important work-related data on your computer due to a power outage. Unexpected power outages are a sign of numerous problems with your home’s electrical wiring. A rewiring from the electricians at Beacon Electric will keep the power running, especially for those busy work sessions on your computer and emergencies when you need to rely on your appliances the most.

Get Rid of Aluminum Wiring!

Many older homes in Manassas, especially homes built in the ‘60s and ‘70s, may be equipped with aluminum wiring. Copper was deemed too expensive in the ‘60s, leading to homes becoming equipped with aluminum wiring as a cheaper alternative. However, aluminum wiring actually raised the chances of a electrical fire. If your home still features aluminum wiring, then Beacon Electric can help you transition to more durable copper wiring instead.

Contact Beacon Electric today for electrical rewiring in Manassas. If you want improved electrical safety in your home, take a chance with us!