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Whole Home Surge Protection Installation Options

Whole home surge protection can save your home’s appliances from the threat of power surges. According to the NEMA Surge Protection Institute, 60 to 80% of power surges occur inside a home, the chances of which can double during a lighting storm. All it takes is one solid lightning strike to not only fry the wiring in your home, but also cause the surrounding structures to ignite and burst into flames. Contrary to popular belief, power surges don’t just occur due to the weather. They can happen at any time of the year. Surges will occur when the flow of electricity in your home is interrupted, then kick-started again. It is basically a spike in your home’s electrical current. While it will only last mere seconds, it can bring serious damage to your appliances. It can cut off power to fridges, allowing some food to rot and have the odor permeate throughout the home. It can also cut off power to HVAC systems, leaving you without air conditioning during a particularly hot summer’s day and without heat during a cold winter’s night. When you consider just how much you rely on some of these appliances to function in your home comfortably, it makes calling a local electrician for installation all the more important.

How Can Beacon Electric Help You?

Fortunately, you can find that local electrician at Beacon Home Services. We have a team of licensed, fully-trained electricians ready to assist with your every need. Whole home surge protection helps homeowners protect electronics from power surges. It can also extend their lifespan by years, ensuring you will enjoy longer-lasting, highly-efficient performance. Even better, you are guaranteed to save money on replacing appliances, especially if it’s big screen televisions or computers. As an added benefit and because not all electronic equipment is created the same, you also have the option of layering whole house surge protection to give extra coverage to special electronics, such as your home theater system. After all, it should not just be limited to a particular area of your home. You need to make sure kitchens, bedrooms, home offices, and more are protected, so make Beacon Home Services your first choice in making that a reality.

What to Know Before You Install Whole Home Surge Protection

Before you run right out and purchase your whole home surge protection, here are 4 things you need to consider so you can find the right amount of electrical security:

  1. Your Electrical Needs: When it comes to determining what sort of whole home surge protection is best, you should put your needs before anything else. So many additions in your home are electronic, and we’re not just talking about home theater systems either. We’re referring to the appliances you use every day like coffee makers, washers and dryers, refrigerators, and so much more. You need surge protection for all of them.
  2. Interior Power Surges: As we mentioned earlier, 60 to 80% of power surges occur within the home, from appliances that aren’t even in use. For example, your HVAC system can cause a power surge inside your home even when it turns off. This is mainly due to residual power in the line that would have otherwise gone to the system not having anywhere to go. Since this means that power is racing through your home’s wiring and looking for a way out, it can bring a great deal of damage to your home when it hits your laptop or big screen television.
  3. Layer Surge Protection If you have any big appliances in your home, like computers and home theater systems, they will need additional protection because they are more sensitive than others. A good way to determine what should have layered surge protection is to look at electronics that are not covered by your home owner’s insurance, especially appliances that will cost more than $200 to replace, or appliances that hold information that cannot be recovered or replaced. One room in your home in need of layered protection would be a home office, as that room may hold necessary electronics storing data that will be difficult to replace.
  4. Protecting Your Home’s Infrastructure: One of the greatest benefits of a whole home surge protector is for your home’s internal wiring and outlets security. A massive increase in electricity being channeled through your home’s wiring during a power surge will prove much more intense than the regular electrical load. It will put your home at higher risk of an electrical fire. This may result in expensive damages like melted wiring or damaged outlets. Electrical rewiring can be expensive, especially when it means pulling wiring through the walls of your home to reach electrical outlets. A surge protector is absolutely necessary here if you expect to save money.

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