When is it Time for Circuit Breaker Replacement in Fairfax, VA?

May is Electrical Safety Month, which means it is the perfect time for circuit breaker replacement in Fairfax, VA. Of course, a part of ensuring electrical safety is making sure all your electrical fixtures are up to speed. Replacing your circuit breaker is one important step in ensuring your home far away from safety hazards like electrical shocks, power outages, and fires. Even though it can work well for a number of years, your circuit breaker will eventually show wear and tear that will begin to affect its performance, to the point where the safety of you and your family is jeopardized.

Fortunately, Beacon Electrical Services is honors Electrical Safety Month too, which is why our team is ready to provide you with circuit breaker replacement in Fairfax, VA at any moment. The main goal of all our electrical services is keeping your home safe, and our replacement services are certainly no exception. We work quickly to get rid of that old, troublesome circuit breaker and instead replace it with a new one that is guaranteed to last you for years!

Common Signs You Need Circuit Breaker Replacement in Fairfax, VA

But how should you know when the time is right for replacement? When should you give Beacon Electrical Services a call? It all comes down to how quickly you can point out the signs for replacement, which include:

  • Burning Smells: This is a huge sign that replacement is needed immediately. If you smell burning odors coming from the panel, it may indicate that the risk of an electrical fire is higher than ever. The panel may also feel hot to the touch or have charring around the breakers.
  • Frequent Breaker Trips: Though a frequently tripping circuit breaker is a sign of numerous electrical problems, it is also indicative that the circuit breaker may be wearing down and in need of replacement. Do not inspect the problem on your own and instead call a electrician to perform an inspection for you.
  • Physical Damage: It is inevitable that your circuit breaker will begin to show some wear and tear after years of usage. However, this is also a huge red flag that you need to get it replaced before it begins to bring your home’s electrical system down with it. The physical damage itself may be just enough to turn it into a major safety hazard.

Contact Beacon Electrical Services if you are noticing any of these signs and we will gladly provide you with circuit breaker replacement in Fairfax, VA.