Why Should You Consider Motion Sensor Installation in Fairfax, VA?

One of the best things you can do to protect your home and keep your family safe is to add motion sensor installation to your Fairfax, VA property. Simply put, when someone is close enough to your home, their motion is detected and a light comes on. This bright light deters intruders, alerts neighbors and makes you aware of what’s taking place on the perimeter of your house.

Bright lights are an intruders worst nightmare. Thieves and home invaders thrive on the hidden cover of darkness. Motion sensors also protect your home when you’re away. You’ll feel more secure knowing anyone approaching your home will be seen by neighbors and passersby.

The most common places to install motion sensors are in close proximity to garage doors, porches or patios, backyards and front and back entry doors. A quality motion sensor also helps illuminate your walkways as you approach your home after dark.

Motion sensors can even help decrease your electricity bills. Because motion sensors only come on when movement is detected, they are less costly than porch and other exterior lights that must run continually. No more hunting around for light switches in the dark, either.

Because pests don’t like bright lights, motion sensors also help keep your yard and lawn clear of rabbits, skunks and other pests and rodents. Think of being relieved of the nuisance of raccoons tearing your trash cans and bags apart.

Our team of electricians will cheerfully explain the benefits and affordability of motion sensors and how they can enhance your home. Motion sensor installation will ensure the safety and efficiency of your home and family. Call Beacon Electrical Services for dependable motion sensor installation in Fairfax, VA. We’ll keep your home well-lit making your family feel more secure and your guests feel more welcome.