The Importance of Whole Home Surge Protection in Manassas

Do you know why your home in Manassas would benefit from whole home surge protection?

You might think it has something to do with lightening. However, the reasons for whole home surge protection are more complicated than you may realize.

According to the Virginia Department of Emergency Management’s website, the commonwealth “averages 35 to 45 thunderstorm days per year.” The website goes on to explain that only about 5 percent of thunderstorms become severe.

In addition to not experiencing a significant number of them in Manassas, did you know that whole home surge protectors can’t stop lightening strikes from damaging your electronics?

At this point, your probably starting to seriously doubt the importance, use or need for whole home surge protection. However, nothing besides a lightening rod and hope can keep your home safe from a lightening strike.

Another point to keep in mind is that whole home surge protection’s primarily function isn’t to protect your electronics and appliances from outside surges. It’s actually intended to protect your electronics and appliances from each other.

When we think of power surges we typically envision lightning strikes and electricity bursts from outside power lines. In reality the majority of surges are short intense shocks created by large appliances such as generators and HVAC motors. These smaller surges typically go undetected and usually don’t blow out the entire circuit.

However, over time, they add up. If you banged your knee in the same spot every day for a year, you might not have any significant damage on the first day, but on day 365 you’d probably have quite the bruise. The same logic applies to your electronics. Those little zaps might not degrade their performance immediately, but the problems are cumulative. Why shorten their expected usefulness and replace your appliances sooner than you have to?

There are a number of different options and configurations available to Manassas homeowners considering whole home surge protection. If you need help deciding call Beacon Electrical Services. Our offices are in Manassas. We’re about as local as you can get. Also, we take pride in our work and have the skill and experience to help meet all your home’s electrical needs from whole home surge protection to security lighting and beyond.