5 Tips for Electrical Safety in Manassas

Protect Your Family with These Electrical Safety Tips

Placing electrical safety in Manassas first is the best rule of thumb where electricity is involved. Did you know that most electrical accidents in the home happen near water? Since that’s the case, we’ll start off with that important electrical safety tip. Here’s that one and four more designed to keep you and your family safe in your Manassas home.

  1. Be extremely cautious around water. If at all possible, keep electric appliances and equipment away from water. Be careful to handle electrical appliances with dry hands and to avoid using common household electrical equipment such as TV’s and microwaves as countertops. Fill your steam iron before you plug it in and be careful using hair dryers and other electric grooming aids in bathrooms. Never pick up electrical equipment with wet hands or when standing on a wet floor.
  1. Don’t Overload Electrical Outlets. Plugging too many cords into a single outlet creates fire and tripping hazards and could seriously damage your electrical system. In general, it’s always a good idea to use one cord per socket. If you must use a multi-outlet adapter, make sure it’s the long, narrow kind with built in surge protection. Even then use them sparingly and cautiously. Overloaded outlets damage more than your home. They could also permanently damage your equipment and appliances.
  1. Watch Out For Sneaky, Snaking Cords. Tuck all cords snuggly against a wall away from the walking areas of your floors. Avoid covering electrical cords with area or throw rugs. Not only do they pose a tripping hazard that might cause a physical injury, they’re also attractive chew toys to pets. Don’t let wires dangle over stovetops, toasters or other everyday kitchen appliances and never stick anything in your toaster other than toast!
  1. Turn Off Electronics That Aren’t In Use. Many of us are guilty of leaving computers running, cell phones charging and video games at the ready. It’s common in this electronic age. It’s a good idea to turn off those items that are not in current use and to unplug that charger when your phone has reached its full charging capacity. Power off televisions, DVD players, lamps, toasters and tablets when not in use.
  1. Periodically Inspect Outlets & Sockets. Check your outlets for chips and cracks. Immediately stop using any outlet that emits a burning smell. Check for frayed or broken wires on your appliances and equipment. These simple visual clues will let you know if something is amiss. In general, treat all electronics and electrical devices as if they were live. Extreme caution is always better than extreme carelessness.

You and your family should always feel safe and secure in your Manassas home. In this digital age when everything from toys to tools to technology relies on electricity, electrical safety in Manassas will help keep you up and running safely.