Why You Should Consider an Electric Service Panel Upgrade in Fairfax, VA

Is your home struggling to keep up with the present digital age? Our ever increasing dependence on technology and all its gadgets makes ever increasing demands of the electricity in our home. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you consider an electric service panel upgrade in Fairfax, VA.

Musical Outlets

Do you find yourself having to unplug one item in order to use another? If you’ve purchased or inherited a home that’s more than ten years old, this is probably the case. Older homes weren’t built to withstand cell phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and all the digital things we take for granted now.

Dueling Surge Protectors

Do you have surge protectors or extension cords in daily use in your home? Not only do these pose a tripping hazard, they also pose a fire risk. If you’re constantly using these items, it’s time to upgrade your electric panel to meet your needs.

Upgraded Appliances

New appliances and modern home conveniences can seriously drain an out-of-date electrical panel. Most appliances are more energy efficient today than in the past. The issue is that we use more and more of them to power our homes and get through our daily lives.

Anticipated Home Renovations

Most of us think of visual appeal when we plan upgrades to our homes. While you’re planning home renovations, include upgrades and renovations that will make your home more functional as well. This is especially true if a home renovation includes adding on an additional room which will require an even greater pull on your electric supply.

Outdated electrical panels can cause flickering lights, short circuits and other annoyances. An electric service panel upgrade in Fairfax, VA may be just what you need to improve the functionality of your home and increase its value. We’ll need to temporarily disconnect the power to your home, once the work is completed, your family will be able to play video games, do laundry, answer emails, play music and watch movies – all at the same time with no power interruption. Call us today to see how easy and affordable it can be to update your home.