Ask Our Licensed Electrician in Fairfax, VA: Why Should You Replace Two-Prong Outlets?

If your home is equipped with two-prong outlets, it’s time to find a licensed electrician in Fairfax, VA to upgrade your home’s wiring. Three-prong outlets have become the new standard, and with help from the team at Beacon Electrical Services, you’ll successfully upgrade your home while receiving service from one of the best electricians in town. You may not realize how important updating your outlets is, but Beacon Electrical Services is here to share the facts about why upgrading your two-prong outlets is so important.


According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, more than 300,000 Americans receive non-fatal electrical shocks every year, and that’s not including the number of electricity-related deaths. Many of those incidents are caused by using outdated outlets. Using older outlets increases your risk of shock as well the chances of your home experiencing power outages and electrical fires. A licensed electrician in Fairfax, VA will protect your family from the dangers associated with outdated outlets, and it’s never too late to make the change.

Energy Efficiency

As with safety, older outlets simply can’t compare to the kind of energy efficiency provided by modern three-prong outlets. Two-prong outlets often need more electricity to power appliances, and they simply weren’t made to handle the demands of today’s high-powered electrical devices. All that extra energy means your energy bills are higher than they need to be. Updating your outlets is an effective way to lower your monthly electric bill and save money in the long run.

Better Compatibility

Good luck plugging your laptop charger or plasma screen TV into your old two-prong outlets. Two-prong outlets are a thing of the past, and most of today’s electrical devices can’t even use them. There’s nothing more annoying than having to search the house for an appropriate outlet or buying adapters every time you need to plug something in. Upgrading your outlets will make your life instantly less complicated.

Since 2002, Beacon Electrical Services has been providing both home and business owners with the reliable electrical services they need. To learn more about updating your two-prong outlets, give them a call. You can also visit their website to learn more about this licensed electrician in Fairfax, VA.