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3 Signs You Need Electrical Rewiring

Flickering lights. Strange noises. The smell of something burning. Before bringing in the exorcist, try giving Beacon Home Services a call. While this certainly could be evidence of paranormal activity, it’s more likely that it’s time to schedule an electrical rewiring for your Mount Vernon home.

  1. Blackened Outlets

When the wires that connect the outlet to the electrical panel are not secure it can cause shortages. Small electrical fires often result from these shortages. Stop using outlets that have black around the faceplate or plug-ins. If the faceplate isn’t firmly connected to the wall that could be adding stress to the wires and loosen the connection as well.

  1. Burning Smell

If you notice a regular or sporadic burning smell throughout the house that could be an indication that there are shortages going on in your Mount Vernon home. It’s normal for wires to heat up as electrical current passes through them. That is why they are insulated. When faulty wires overheat, their insulation is damaged or they are charred as a result of a shortage, they will emit a burning smell.

If you’ve inspected your outlets for damage, you could still need electrical rewiring because the problem might be hidden in the walls. This is particularly dangerous because you can’t see what is touching the wires or how severely burned they are.

  1. Flickering Lights

There’s a reason, haunted houses often have flickering lights, a home in need of electrical rewiring is frightening. Lights will dim or waver for a number of reasons, bad connections, incorrect wiring or simply old age. The only time the lights should go out in your Mount Vernon home is when you decide to turn them off.

Another reason lights flicker is because they are on an overloaded circuit. People use significantly more power today than they did even in the 90s. If your lights don’t stay consistently on or your fuses blow on a regular basis, it could be a sign that your current wiring configuration cannot support your families electrical needs.

Inspect your home and if you notice any of the problems listed above call Beacon Home Services to schedule an inspection. If you continue to experience unexplained activity even after Beacon Home Services completes your Mount Vernon home’s electrical rewiring, perhaps holy water and dried herbs really are in order.