4 Types of Electrical Rewiring in Fairfax, VA to Consider This Spring

Earlier this month, we discussed the signs you should notice that tell you the time for electrical rewiring in Fairfax, VA is near. Keeping an eye out for any indicators is important, but you also need to consider what types of rewiring would be beneficial for your home. If you notice your home has one too many extension cords, then it’s certainly time to get rewiring service that will eliminate over reliance on extension cords in favor of an alternative. Or maybe you notice your home is still equipped with dated aluminum wiring, which will require a different rewiring service altogether.

Whatever the case, you can count on the technicians at Beacon Electrical Services to conduct all sorts of electrical rewiring in Fairfax, VA this season. We want to see homes across the area with improved electricity that will keep at a better peace of mind for the months ahead, which is why we offer a wide range of electrical services to cover all needs. Our technicians love a good challenge, so never hesitate to call them for any rewiring concerns you may have.

What Types of Electrical Rewiring Should You Consider?

Unsure of what type of rewiring you need and for what purpose? Well, here’s a general overview of the 4 most common types of rewiring our team handles:

  1. Aluminum Wiring Replacement: As we noted before, aluminum wiring is incredibly unsafe and increases the risk of your home encountering an electrical fire. You need it replaced with safer wiring that won’t put the lives of your family at risk. The team at Beacon Electrical Services can provide you with rewiring service that will follow local and national electrical codes.
  2. Three-Prong Outlet Installation: Three prong outlets are the most modern outlets available and have the ability to keep up with your home’s electrical demands. If you are still living with two-prong outlets, you should definitely consider upgrading to guarantee stronger electrical performance.
  3. Switch & Outlet Installation: Avoid having an extensive amount of extension cords and outlets in your home, and instead call up Beacon Electrical Services for switch & outlet installation that will provide the same amount of electrical power without putting your safety at risk.
  4. Surge Protection: Is your home constantly falling victim to power surges? Well, in addition to installing whole home surge protection, our team can provide you with durable wiring that will keep your essential appliances working, even during the roughest weather.

Contact Beacon Electrical Services today if you want to learn more about our electrical rewiring in Fairfax, VA!