Why Should You Consider Aluminum Wiring Replacement in Manassas?

The holidays are upon us and though you’re probably more concerned with making holiday plans, you should also take aluminum wiring replacement in Manassas into consideration this year. Though it may seem your current electrical system is working well with aluminum wiring, it is highly dangerous to have in your home. Though it was popular many years ago to install aluminum wiring in homes, they have proven to be hazardous, leading to higher risks of residential fires!

If this sounds like a possibility you want to avoid this holiday season, then please call Beacon Electric today and our team of electricians will provide you with aluminum wiring replacement in Manassas. While copper wiring may cost a little more, it ensures a safer home for you and your family. While you may think your aluminum wiring may work fine enough, it’s better to replace it anyway because problems with aluminum wiring will happen sooner than you think.

The Dangers of Aluminum Wiring

Though you’ll have plenty of good times this holiday season, many Manassas homeowners aren’t fully aware of the dangers of having aluminum wiring in their home. Here are the dangers you should know:

  • High Risk of Home Fires: The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that aluminum wiring is 55 times more likely to reach fire hazard conditions. Numerous fires, and even deaths, are reported each year due to faulty wiring. Don’t allow your home become another statistic. Copper wiring may cost a little bit extra, but you can’t deny that it works. And when it comes to keeping you and your family safe, you want nothing but the best.
  • Poor Cost Efficiency: Aluminum wiring will leave you in a deep financial hole due to costs of home remodeling or buying a new one entirely due extensive property damage. Not only will you have to spend more money on wiring repair, you also face losing your entire home, and it can be long, difficult process purchasing a new one. Copper wiring will save you all sorts of money that can be used for other electrical ventures.
  • Shorter Appliance Lifespan: Have you ever experienced a power outage during an intense storm or while you’re in the midst of a work session on the computer? Then you’ll know how frustrating it can be to lose power when you need it the most. This may have something to do with your old aluminum wiring, so it’s best to have it checked by a licensed electrician.

Contact Beacon Electric today to replace your aluminum wiring in Manassas. Aluminum wiring replacement in Manassas can save your home from peril!