Lighting Options During the Dark Months

Lighting options are significant during all seasons of the year. During the fall and winter seasons when the sun does not shine as much, it might be a time to consider some changes or upgrades. Here are some small tidbits to consider this current season in order to save you money and leave you withRead More

8 Kitchen and Bathroom Lighting Upgrades

Lighting upgrades in both the bathroom and the kitchen are important due to the amount of use these areas get. Lighting is one of the main issues that should be addressed when trying to make these areas more functional. Without proper electrical lighting upgrades, you will experience issues like an overall decline in the room’s atmosphereRead More

9 Electrical Safety Warning Signs in Your Home

Electrical safety is extremely important when you consider yourself, your family, and your home. If you haven’t had an electrician to your home lately, you may want to consider doing so as a prevention strategy. This way, you can find issues before they develop into serious problems. As homes age, wiring frays and connections loosen.Read More

What To Do With Flickering Lights

For some, flickering lights are an annoyance and can be a distraction. Others don’t notice the inconsistency in the lights. But, that fluctuation in light can signal problems in the circuitry or light fixtures in one’s home. Depending on the source of the problem, it could lead to serious safety issues in a home. WhyRead More

Troubleshooting for Common Lighting Issues

Outdoor lighting of many varieties can effectively keep your space well-lit, safe, and inviting for you and your guests. These lights are typically reliable and long-lasting, but if they stop working and leave you in the dark, it can be a frustrating experience. Having an understanding of your lights and their potential issues can helpRead More

Outdoor Lighting Options for the Summer

Outdoor lighting provides homeowners with the ability to make their property safe and easier to walk around at night. Not only will you feel more comfortable knowing what’s in your front yard, but you will also add visual appeal to your home too. If you want to improve outdoor safety through lighting, and at theRead More

Is Your Panel Installation Overworking?

If you find yourself making that frustrating trip to the circuit breaker often enough to remember, there’s a good chance your electrical panel is overworking itself. An outdated electrical panel is a hassle no homeowner should have to put with. It’s not just an issue of faulty outlets and tripping over extension cords. An outdatedRead More

Risks of Outdated Wiring

Home maintenance can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t know where to start. Roofs that need re-shingling, carpets that have seen better days, that occasional leak you still have yet to place… there’s usually always something that needs fixing. Problems that are visible are usually easy to track and stop before the problem gets worse,Read More

Benefits and Advantages to a Service Panel Upgrade

Without a service panel upgrade, homeowners will experience several issues due to an outdated panel. Flickering lights, odd sounds from a fuse box, tripping breakers, and even smoke coming from outlets or outlets with burning smells are all warning signs of an outdated panel. Even though you might not realize it now, electrical service panelsRead More

Lighting Fixtures for Bathrooms and Kitchens

Lighting fixtures can be a great addition to your household especially if you’re looking to improve your home’s appeal. Dim or flickering lights can be frustrating to deal with and can cause a real headache. Turning the lights on to only find yourself surprised with weak light bulbs can be inconvenient. And when it comesRead More