Security Lighting Features to Help Keep Your Home Safe

Do you want your home to be not only comfortable but also as secure as possible? Of course you do! After all, you need a safe place for you and your family to live. However, there are all sorts of factors that can impact your security and safety, ranging from crime to wildlife to slipperyRead More

Reasons You Should Replace Your Aluminum Wiring

Prior to the 1970’s, aluminum wiring could be found in many homes across the country. This was due to the low price and the high conductivity. Unfortunately, aluminum wiring can overheat easily, creating a fire hazard. This poses a safety risk to your home and family. If there is aluminum wiring in your home, youRead More

Benefits of A Whole Home Surge Protector

Thanks to our modern lifestyle, we rely on electricity more than ever before. We have a lot of appliances such as microwaves, ovens and vacuum cleaners in the home. We own have multiple electronic devices such as audio and video equipment, as well as computers, tablets, and smartphones. Many of us have smart homes withRead More

Five Benefits of Having a Motion Sensor Installed on Your Property

When you own your own home, your family’s safety and wellbeing are always top of mind. That’s why, in addition to performing regular maintenance, it’s important to look for opportunities to upgrade your home to enhance your safety and wellbeing. In this article, you’ll find out how installing a motion sensor outside of your homeRead More

Six Ways To Maintain Outlets And Switches

You might not think much of the outlets and switches throughout your house, but a lot goes on with your home’s electrical system. Like any other appliance, your home’s outlets and switches require routine maintenance in order to function properly. A well-maintained outlet or switch is not just a matter of functioning electronics, but safety.Read More

Upgrading Your Fuse Box

Are you thinking of upgrading your fuse box? Every home with working electricity has a fuse box. If your home is older it may have a circuit box, but the purpose of each system is the same: to control the electrical flow entering your home. It’s responsible for the electricity you use in every roomRead More

Lighting Options During the Dark Months

Lighting options are significant during all seasons of the year. During the fall and winter seasons when the sun does not shine as much, it might be a time to consider some changes or upgrades. Here are some small tidbits to consider this current season in order to save you money and leave you withRead More

8 Kitchen and Bathroom Lighting Upgrades

Lighting upgrades in both the bathroom and the kitchen are important due to the amount of use these areas get. Lighting is one of the main issues that should be addressed when trying to make these areas more functional. Without proper electrical lighting upgrades, you will experience issues like an overall decline in the room’s atmosphereRead More

9 Electrical Safety Warning Signs in Your Home

Electrical safety is extremely important when you consider yourself, your family, and your home. If you haven’t had an electrician to your home lately, you may want to consider doing so as a prevention strategy. This way, you can find issues before they develop into serious problems. As homes age, wiring frays and connections loosen.Read More

What To Do With Flickering Lights

For some, flickering lights are an annoyance and can be a distraction. Others don’t notice the inconsistency in the lights. But, that fluctuation in light can signal problems in the circuitry or light fixtures in one’s home. Depending on the source of the problem, it could lead to serious safety issues in a home. WhyRead More