Safety Inspection

To keep your home or business a lot safer, it’s time that you call Beacon Electrical Services for an electrical safety inspection. […]

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Electrical Services

Beacon Electrical Services has been providing the area with electrical services since 2002. We do all things related to the electrical world such as repairs, installations, replacements and any other modifications that you need done to your home or office. […]

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Preventative Maintenance

Lightning and surge Protectors, whole house safety inspections, and smoke detector replacements, all to keep your home working the way it should, safe. […]

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Northern Virginia Electrical Professionals

In order to get the best in electrical services, be sure and call Beacon Electrical Services. We’re the experienced electricians that have the capability of tackling any project. Your home or businesses’ electrical system and appliances are always in good hands.

Since 2002 we have been covering the area providing our services all over in the form of repairs, installations, replacements and upgrades. You’ll be happy to know that all of these services are backed by a 100% satisfactions guarantee.

Electric Panels


Our expert panel services include; panel upgrades, panel replacements, sub panels, circuit breakers, dedicated circuits, and disconnects. All handled by our experts to make sure you get the best work possible, never have shoddy work again. […]

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Having electrical issues but not sure what it is? Our troubleshooting services test for: short circuits, overloaded circuits, inoperable circuits, poor workmanship, code violations, and failed inspections[…]

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In order to maintain your home’s electrical system, it’s imperative that you get professional electricians to make the necessary repairs and installations. At Beacon Electrical Services we can perform upgrades for your panel boxes as well as whole home generators.

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Generators for Major Outages

Any time that the power goes out in your home, you need to be prepared as it can be days until you get it restored. Some major storms have knocked the power out for weeks. A whole home generator will keep your appliances on and your food from going bad.

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Wiring Replacements and Repairs

Lots of older homes still have knob & tube wiring. As it was once the choice for homes it no longer possesses the same values it had 40 years ago. Beacon Electrical Services can replace your older wiring with new copper, or whichever you prefer.

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Why Hire Beacon Electrical Services?

Beacon Electrical Services mission is to service our clients using highly trained and courteous electricians that can be depended on and trusted. We give every customer our utmost attention taking the time to learn each customer’s situation, carefully assessing his or her needs and then presenting a fair price for the work. We keep appointments that fit your busy day and know how important it is to fix things right the first time. […]

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If you are looking for a Northern Virginia electrician then please call 703-367-0900 or complete our online request form.